Artstroy 1 Construction is part of Inocentre Bulgaria


Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd. is part of Inocentre Bulgaria, an innovative community of participants in support of the digitalization of industrial enterprises in the country. Their core mission is to transform them into Industry 4.0 companies by enhancing the capacity for innovative business and manufacturing processes, products or services.

The motive of the company to become a participant in the network of Inocentre Bulgaria is the pursuit of constant development, interaction and transfer of know-how in order to create a better environment for people. In our dynamic digital world, it is important for businesses to be open, flexible and adaptable to changing changes. Linking unique human qualities to the limitless possibilities of technology shall lead to the discovery of new horizons.

Digitization has a real application in construction. With its help we are able to create amazing projects and perfect them. It creates the conditions for experiments with the construction image, assists in making better decisions and anticipates possible threats to the construction of buildings.

The accumulated knowledge and experience of the management personnel over the years are the basis for the successful development of Artstroy Group Jsc. In addition to expanding its activities it also establishes strong corporate traditions and cultural identities. For its part, as an employer, the company never stops making changes to create a better working environment for its teams. The companies that the company manages never stop sharing good practices with other organizations or improving their relationships with customers, internal processes, business models and the digital culture of their professionals.

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