Dear architects, designers, civil engineers and all those involved in the construction sector,

please accept my congratulations on St Dimitar's day - builder's day!

The great strength of our profession is that created remains and outlives us, reflecting the achievements of our time, of our entire society. We all know well that there is peace, development and prosperity where it is built.

I sincerely wish everyone for whom construction is a profession and a vocation to keep their aspirations for upgrading, to create with mind and love.

I will make the most of this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for the professionalism and dedication of my team at Artstroy 1 Construction! As in any business, we have periods of challenges, difficulties and setbacks, but it is not the problems that drive us forward, but our goals! We succeed because our desire for success is greater than the fear of failure. So, as we go through the obstacles, we become stronger, more united, and succeed! Thank you!

Let St. Dimitar protects you and your families!

Yours faithfully,

Eng. Ventsislav Krastev
Manager of Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd.

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