To Give New Live In A Remarkable Way!

According to national statistical institute, more than 1.5 million people in Bulgaria live in panel blocks. The built gray buildings are just over 21,000 and have always been perceived as a symbol of socialism. However, among these thousands of buildings, there is one, that stands out, built in 1969, and that building is block number 76, located in the residential complex Lazur, Burgas, which has been renovated by the National Energy Efficiency Program, which "broke" the visual connection with those times.

The 18-storey building was assigned to be executed by "Artstroy 1 Construction" Ltd, with the recommendation that the façade had to be renovated in a spectacular way, due to the significant location of the building. The measures that are taken, for the renovation of block № 76, are activities involving constructive strengthening, renovation of roof, staircase, replacement of a five-chamber joinery and etc., all of which ensures the building's prolong life and value.

Саниран блок от Артстрой 1 Кънстракшън - блок 76, кв. Лазур, град Бургас

In the spring of this year, after the renovation works were completed, a completely different and contemporary view was revealed before the busy boulevard in Burgas. The block has a modified silhouette, combining pure colors and strokes that create a three-dimensional effect and embodies the spirit of the seaside. The project of the design, whose author is architect Emil Burulianov from Architectural Agency "Décor Design" Ltd., represents sails of a sailing boat.

"We not only build stable buildings, but we create them to be unique. Together with "Crearh", "Decor Design" and the graffiti artist Esteo, we accomplished a project that cannot be passed by with indifference. Apart from being renovated, the building is also a true piece of art" the company Artstroy 1 Construction stated.

The company participates in the program "Execution of engineering - design and construction activities, in connection with the realization of the national energy efficiency program for multiprofile residential buildings on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas" and has completed the renovation of seven residential blocks.

"Artstroy 1 Construction" is a construction-engineering company, part of the investment company "Artstroy Group" JSC.


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