What is it like to work on the top of the world?

Crane operator, excavator operator, welder: How many of us have wanted to do this when we were growing up?
They can't compare to professions like astronaut or ballerina, right?

It is not news that the most desirable professions for today's children are at variance with the search of business. Students dream of working in the field of high technologies, they dream of being bankers and pop stars. Understaffed professions nevertheless drop out of the curriculum, becoming even more unpopular specialties, and they are in turn are increasingly sought after.

When was the last time you heard someone say how happy they were to be a facility operator at a site? Well, let's introduce you to such a person. A blue-eyed lady from our company who chose the profession of a crane operator.

Hristina Koleva from the village of Obruchishte, Stara Zagora, dreamed of driving a train as a child. She says she has been working with cranes for 10 years and would not change her profession. At the moment of our meeting we find her performing formwork on the construction site of the Perla 8 block, which is currently being constructed by Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd.

Hristina Koleva, crane operator at Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd.

What is it like to be a crane operator?
-    Adrenaline. It's a risky job, you are responsible for dozens of lives on a construction site. The job involves great concentration and tremendous responsibility. My colleagues joke that I have several pairs of eyes. Some of them monitor the position of the crane and the others - the people at the site. Why am I doing it? Because that's how I feel about life. From above, the world looks nicer.

What is the crane you are operating?

-    A crane is a device that moves heavy objects vertically and horizontally. It rises with the construction of the floors of the block. The crane I control is called the top rotary tower crane; I operate it with a remote control. Its lifting capacity is 2.5 tons and its height is 50 meters. Sometimes I have to be on the crane itself, sometimes among people on the site.

Кулокран при „Перла 8“ към м. октомври 2018 г. 

You work with a high-risk facility on a daily basis. Are you not afraid?
-   There must be fear. Fear makes you cautious and keeps you alive. But there is no room for panic. I leave my problems down on earth and go up.

If circumstances had prevented you from becoming a crane worker, what would you be now?
-    Crane operator.

What would you change?
-    I would like to see more specialists to fill the niche of the professions, which are continually getting understaffed. Bulgarians do not want to operate machines, or to be bricklayers or turners, for example, so our company has to attract professional workers from Moldova and other countries to fill the needs of personnel.

What advice will you give to young people who are considering their professional future?
-    Do not consider treat as good or bad, reality is never just black or white, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Let young people understand that in addition to working as programmers and pop artists they have so many opportunities. Some of them may not sound so prestigious, but they can be so interesting! Work fills most of our lives, so it's important to bring satisfaction and fill it with passion. You can't be good and committed to something you don't like.

    Due to the lack of trained specialists for professions such as crane operators, excavator operators, welders, construction companies compete and are forced to attract them at higher pay. Such positions are well paid these days, and according to career professionals they will continue to be better and better so, as it will be increasingly difficult to find trained personnel. Another reason is that their work cannot be replaced and operated by machines. For several years now studies have shown that the most necessary professions for Bulgarian business are no longer engineers and programmers, but this kind of specialties.

   Our educational system has long since needed to be revised so that it is closer to us, business, and so that it speaks the language of young people. It is imperative that it meets their interests and our search. However, we are positive that the future, if not pink, could be clearer. Artstroy 1 Construction takes initiatives and never ceases to seek closer collaboration with school leaders and industry chambers in the country to provide opportunities for students and students to implement and practice.

Tower crane at Perla 8, May 2019 

Tower crane at Perla 8, July 2019

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