We are celebrating the European Week for Health and Safety at Work

Artstroy 1 Construction launches the European Week for Safety Training in Electrical Work

The European Week for Health and Safety started on 21 October and lasted until 25 October. Each year the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work of the EU is especially active. The theme of the campaign for 2018-19 is "Healthy jobs manage dangerous substances". The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health management. A European survey of emerging and emerging business risks reveals that hazardous substances are more common in certain sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing and construction.

"We have started the beginning of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work with conducting a full-day training for the acquisition of a 2nd qualification group for safety in the work of electrical equipment with a voltage up to 1000 V. The licensed company" AS Club" Ltd conducted theoretical and practical training of 15 employees of Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd. at Residential Park Lozen, near Sofia, which our company is currently building. The knowledge acquired during the training will be tested by an examination with evaluation by a panel of specialists, and the ones who have successfully passed the exam will receive a certificate, "said Eng. Tsvetanka Vasileva, Head of Health and Safety at Work at Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd.

For the last two years, the construction and engineering company Artstroy 1 Construction Ltd. has created new jobs as it expanded its range of services and began construction of new sites in Burgas and Sofia. As a socially responsible company, which employs 87 professionals from various fields of the industry, it is focused on raising the collective awareness of health and safety. In addition to the fact that her duties are strictly regulated in the Labor Code and the Health and Safety at Work Act, she does not stop seeking and applying improvements in working conditions among people. The efforts of the entire management team are aimed at constantly improving the safety culture.

"Our company is one of the few companies in Bulgaria evaluated and certified according to ISO 45001: 2018 - an international standard that defines the requirements of a system for management of health and safety at work. This enables our organization to improve its results in preventing injuries, illnesses and minimizing the health risks caused by the working environment conditions. We monitor a number of indicators, including the number of incidents involving people and equipment, paying special attention to cases close to the incident and taking action to address them. As a manager of Health and Safety at Work, my primary concern is risk prevention, care for workers in a way that guarantees their safety. Let the awareness of the profession at risk and hazardous substances be enhanced not only during this European Week for Safety and Health at Work. Such dangerous exposure happens far more often than most people even realize, and is actually possible at any workplace. Let us join forces for a safer, healthier and more productive place to work, let the responsibility not just be on the employers, let us ourselves, the employees, be personally more responsible for our own health. It is our most valuable asset in life, " added Vassileva.

During the European Week for Safety and Health at Work across the EU and beyond, many events, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and awareness-raising events take place, the media are involved and actively reflect the initiatives.

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