About the complex: Gated Complex “Perla” consist of seven already build residential buildings, with permission for use – with Act 16. The construction of the new Residential block “Perla 8” has started. The block will be located in the South-Western part of the Complex. “Perla” has an internal infrastructure - park areas, tall and short plants, including exotic palm trees. The landscape has a decorative, year-round effect. Part of the infrastructure of the complex is also a private open swimming pool for adults and children. With the completion of the two new buildings, an open pool of several levels will be added; it will flow into the already existing pool.

Like in the already existing buildings, an underground parking lot will be constructed for the apartment owners in the residential building. The new parking lot will be on two levels, to provide more free parking spaces for the owners.

Characteristics of the new “Block 8”: The construction of the new buildings – block “Perla 8”, will represent stage 4 of the Gated Complex’s construction process. The new block will consist of two buildings. The height of the buildings will be variable, with a stepped silhouette, highlighting the beautiful structure of the block.  Block 8 will be an esthetic and functional end of the original complex from the southwest. The new block will consist of two adjoining buildings, forming a Г-shaped structure connected to an existing building in the Northeast.

The first building will be semi-attached with the existing building, representing Block 1 to the South-East, and the second building will be semi-detached with the first one, and will end next to the yard space, retreating from the side border of the property. The block will completely blend into the town planning parameters, compliant with the construction boundaries, foreseen by the development plan. “Perla 8” will face regulation along the streets to the North-West, West and South-West. The construction of the two buildings will be in Г-shape.

Architectural look: The whole architecture of the complex will be compliant with the town planning parameters and legal requirements.

Location: Gated Complex “Perla” is located in the Zornitsa living quarter, in the town of Burgas. The location of the Complex is strategic – in proximity to the main road arteries of the City, but at the same time it’s located in the interior part of Zornitsa quarter, only 5 minutes away from the Sea Garden of Burgas city. The Complex is designed to provide a view to the Sea and the Burgas Bay to the East and South-East, and a view to the “Atanasovsko” lake to the North-East.

Characteristics of the buildings – Block “Perla 8”:

Materials of highest quality and characteristics will be used in the new “Perla 8” block, to ensure the highest class of energy efficiency – class A!

For the high energy class, a higher quality of construction materials will be used:

  • The outer and inner walls of the building – brick with increased thermal insulation qualities;
  • Energy efficient profiles and window glazing;
  • High quality thermal insulation system with the required width, calculated with the energy efficiency project;
  • Roof – reinforced concrete construction. The waterproofing insulation is modern, bitumen, 2-layered with gas-fired laying. Bitumen tiles;
  • Staircases – floor of a natural stone;
  • The outer corridors between the apartments are from a granite tiles;
  • Entrance doors – the newest and modern, armor doors;
  • Underground garage – automatic doors, automatic fire-extinguishing system.

The construction of the two buildings, a higher level of energy efficiency, will adhere to the world trends for a more ecological utilization of energy resources with a care for the environment. With achieving a higher energy-efficient class, we guarantee lower living costs to the residents of block “Perla 8”.

  In its lowest part, “Perla 8” will consist of: 2 levels of underground floors, ground floor, seven floors and one under-roof floor – 8 above-ground levels. In its highest part, the building will have 2 underground floors, a ground floor, thirteen residential floors – 14 above-ground levels. The 14-story building will have studio-type apartments, one room, two-room, three-room and multi-room apartments. The shorter building will have predominantly three-room apartments. The apartments are sold to the level of completion “without finishing”. You can have a look at the apartments for sale on the Artstroy 1 Investment website.

  The height of the two new buildings will be variable, with a smooth, step-shaped silhouette. The tallest roof base elevation will be 39 m. The roof base elevation if the first Г-shaped building will vary between 21 m., 24 m. 27 m. and 39 m. The second building’s roof base elevation will be 15 m. and 24 m. In this way the construction will have a terraced look. The tallest part will be in the North-West corner of the Г-shaped building. This tallest part will elongate the silhouette of “Perla” complex vertically, and will completely blend into the already existing tall neighboring buildings of “Zornitsa” quarter.

Technical specifications:

Total area of “Perla” complex – 11 000 sq.m.

Total constructed area of “Perla” Complex = 56 090,04 sq.m.

Perla Block – total area (total floor space + underground levels) – 17 500 sq.m.

Additional characteristics:

Thermal power station: The new building will be connected to “Burgas central heating”. A vertical unfolding will be constructed, which will pass through each apartment, to give the owners the opportunity to decide whether to make a contract with the central heating service provider or not.  

The central heating will be of a new innovative type. Every property owner will only pay for what he has used. The pipes passing through the common areas will be thermally insulated, to minimize the loss of thermal energy. The owners will be able to make use of a low-temperature, water based floor heating, heating and water. If they decide not to use the central heating, they won’t have to pay anything at all. 

A New street in the complex: With the construction of “Perla 8”, Artstroy 1 Investment will finance and construct a street to the South-West with the aim to alleviate traffic in the living Zornitsa quarter. “Artstroy 1 Construction” will build another public parking lot at their own expense, neighboring the “Perla” complex and the “Boycho Branzov” sports hall. This will facilitate more convenient parking in the living quarter and will improve the towns’ infrastructure.


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