ABOUT THE COMPLEX: Gated Residential Complex “Perla” consists of 7 constructed buildings, already granted with permission for use - Act 16. “PERLA” is the first Gated Complex in the city of Burgas. The aim of constructing the Gated Complex is to create an oasis within the city’s limits, which offers many conveniences, greenery, comfort, security, and a short walking distance to the Sea Garden – only 5 minutes away. А top location in the heart of the city, but in distant from the noise of the traffic.

We place much importance on location, since we strive to provide the best not only in the construction of our building sites, but also in convenience and location!

  According to urban planning, the complex is formed in a way, so that the block buildings arrange into a rectangular shape, creating an enclosed space, rich in green park areas. This secured area guarantees more security and control over access to the complex.

  LOCATION: Gated “Perla” complex is positioned in the Zornitsa residential district of Burgas city. The location of the complex is rather strategic – close to the main road arteries, but at the same time – in the inner part of the Zornitsa district, at only a 5-minute walk away from the Burgas Sea Garden. The complex is designed to offer a view of the sea and the gulf of Burgas to the East and Southeast, and a view of the “Atanasovsko” lake to the Northeast.


“Perla” site quadrature = 11 000 sq. m. Overall built-up area of “Perla” complex – 56 090,04 sq. m.

  • Perla Block 1 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 6464,79 sq. m
  • Perla Block 2 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 8270,09 sq. m
  • Perla Block 3 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 6518,93 sq. m
  • Perla Block 4 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 6758,11 sq. m
  • Perla Block 5 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 6878,42 sq. m
  • Perla Block 6 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 1563,40 sq. m
  • Perla Block 7 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 2136,30 sq. m
  • Perla Block 8 – Overall Area (Built-up area + underground floor) = 17 500 sq. m

Перла - номера на блоковете

For the listed property in Perla 8 - follow the link: https://artstroyinvestment.eu

  The complex construction has been completed in several stages. The first stage of the construction includes the blocks from 1 to 4, and ends with a usage permit in 2010. Apart from the four constructed blocks, the stage includes the building of a private open pool with an area of 200 sq. m, volume – 250 cbm, and a children’s playground. The second stage involves the building and finalizing of blocks 5 and 6 in 2013. The third stage of construction – block 7, which receives its usage permit in 2015. The 4th stage of the aesthetical and functional completion of the “Perla” complex to the Southwest is the upcoming construction of a new block building – Perla 8.

  With the completion of the new block, the inner courtyard area will be expanded, a new open pool will be added. It will flow into the already existing pool that was built in stage 1. The new block will consist of two buildings, separated via a party wall, but will comprise one whole in terms of volume and vision. More about block 8 can be found here!

  ARCHITECTURAL APPEARANCE: Inspired by the most beautiful European historical cities along the Mediterranean; natural stone and pastel beige tones of the mineral stone, as well as the balustrades, which alternate with forged iron, create the beautiful Mediterranean look of the buildings. An architecturally artistical element with cylindrical volume (rotunda) is located at the very entrance of the complex.

Перла ротонда


The outer and inner walls of the building are brick;

  • Thermal insulation, according the guidelines of the thermo-technical assessment;
  • Roof – reinforced concrete construction. Waterproofing is modern, bitumen, double-layered by gas-firing. Bitumen roof tiles.
  • Staircases – natural stone flooring;
  • Outer corridors between apartments – granite tiles;
  • Entrance doors – newest and contemporary – armor doors;
  • Underground garage – automatic doors, automated fire-extinguishing system.

  Blocks 1 to 4 consist of a basement, ground floor, six floors, a terraced floor and an attic floor. Overall there are 8 above-ground levels. Blocks 5, 6 and 7 consist of a basement, ground floor, five floors, one terraced floor and an attic floor – 7 above-ground levels overall. The storage rooms are in the basement, along with two parking zones – one is communal for blocks 1 to 4, and the second one is for blocks 5 to 7. Every block has a different amount of entrances.

  All storage rooms for every apartment, along with the underground parking, and all technical rooms, are in the underground floor. All social servicing facilities are located on the ground floor.

  There are various types of residences constructed within the blocks – one, two, three and more bedrooms, according to different needs and market demand. One single-family house is also part of the complex’s infrastructure.

  Specially for our clients, “Artstroy 1 Construction” offers internal reconstruction and functional redistribution of the rooms. Every suggested reconstruction will be prepared by our architect and will be fully compliant with the laws and norms for design!

  The whole complex’s architecture conforms to the urban development parameters and legal requirements. All used materials comply with the highest quality standards, put in place by the EU. Materials of the highest quality and specifications will be utilized on the new Perla 8 block, in order be ensured that we will meet completely the highest class of energy efficiency – class A! Have a look at the specifications and information on block 8 here!

Перла - блок 8


  • Construction – reinforced concrete, beamless. With bearing columns, washers, and reinforced concrete slabs;
  • Walls – Brick – outer – 25 cm, partitional inner walls – 25 cm and 12 cm.
  • Exterior: 

- Thermal insulation system;

- Mineral coating;

- Ground floor and staircase tiling – natural stone – marble;

- Balconies – granite tile flooring;

- Railings – blend of a thick part and decorative balustrades, or a thick part with forged iron.

  • Interior:

- Cement glues for faience, tiles, terracotta and natural stone;

- Gypsum based machine plaster for rooms and dry areas;

- Cement based machine plaster – for staircases, outer corridors and wet rooms in the residences (Bathrooms, WC, wet rooms);

- Staircases – natural stone plaster – granite;

- Outer corridors – between apartments – granite tile flooring;

- Entrance doors – armor doors – newest and most modern.

  • Underground garages: Automatic doors, Automatic fire-extinguishing system.
  • Roof: Reinforced concrete construction. Waterproofing – contemporary bitumen, double-layered by gas-firing. Bitumen roof tiles.


- Access: controlled – with security and video monitoring. Automatic doors for the underground garage; 

- Fence: constructed openwork fence with a reinforced concrete base, and metal openwork panels of forged iron. The reinforced concrete base is finished with stamped concrete;

- Alleys and courtyard area: covered with flooring of stamped concrete;

- Footpaths: pavement plates, and sidewalks and flooring, concrete pave slabs.


  "Artstroy 1 Construction" Ltd construction company has Invested in the construction of the two new streets and parking spot to the Northeast and Northwest of the Complex for the comfort of its clients and their guests. Upon the completion of “Perla 8”, „Artstroy 1 Construction“ will invest in, and create one more street to the Southwest, with the aim to alleviate traffic within the Zornitsa district.

Our aim is not only to build, but also to enrich the overall infrastructure of the Residential Complex. For that purpose, we are investing into the construction of pedestrian zones and public green areas around Gated “Perla” Complex in the town of Burgas.


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