Diamond Beach represents Gated Complex, located in the “Manaf Hende” area, in Sarafovo quarter, Burgas Municipality. The complex consists of two buildings, semidetached. According to the urban development plan, the site is П-shaped, to create an inner yard with its own rich infrastructure. The building construction has a maximum roof base elevation of 10 m. The building itself consists of four above-ground floors and one underground level - basement. The above-ground floors are – ground floor, first, second and a terraced floor. The underground parking is in the basement, constructed in the gated complex.

Separate entrances are provided for access to the complex with an orientation towards the street and the yard space. The first building, representing zoned land LVIII-32 is in the Western part of the complex and has three constructed entrances.

Property area = 2632 sq.m.

Building area in zoned land LVIII32 = 4794,60 sq.m.

Built-up area = 958,42 sq.m.

The second building – zoned land LVIII-34, is in the Eastern part of the complex and has two entrances.

Property area = 2860 sq.m.

Building area in zoned land LVIII34 = 4656,37 sq.m.

Built-up area = 860,50 sq.m.

Total property area = 5492 sq.m.

Total useful floor area of the building = 9450,97 sq.m.

Building built-up area = 1818,92 sq.m.

ARCHITECTURAL FORM: The two buildings have clear silhouettes, clean architectural forms and volumes. They are designed in the style of modern, contemporary architecture.  A main element in the interior and exterior of gated complex “Diamond Beach” is the natural stone travertine, used in all properties of “Artstroy 1 Construction”. It is a preferred material for use due to its fibrous structure. The travertine stone has a high degree of water and steam impermeability. The facades of both buildings are a combination of alternating between travertine lining and mineral coating. The overall vision of the complex relies on the texture and color of the natural materials.

The residences in “Diamond Beach” are created in different sizes with the most functional distribution of the rooms. The windows in the residences are of “French” type, the railings are of metal – aluminum, with clean details. The window frames are PVC with the color golden oak. All residences are given out to the degree of completion “turnkey”. On the ground floor there’s a constructed reception, office spaces, sauna and a gym.

The inner yard of the gated complex, locked between the two buildings, is facing South towards the Black Sea. The alleys in the yard space are scenic, with soft shapes. Within the richly landscaped yard there is a constructed children’s corner.


  • Access – controlled – with security and video surveillance. Automatic doors of the underground parking by „HORMAN“.

  • Fence: constructed fretwork fence with a reinforced concrete base, and metal fretwork murals from aluminum profiles – the same series as the railings of the building. The reinforced concrete base is completed with a cap out of limestone and mineral plaster.

  • Decking: „REHAU“ – product „RELAZZO“ - Decking for outer spaces, complying with the highest requirements.

  • The alleys and yard space are paved with natural stone – travertine.

  • Grass areas – richly landscaped and maintained, palms, flowers, tall and short greenery. Automatic irrigation system. Artificial lake with decorative fish and water lilies, rockery. 

  • Swimming pool with a jacuzzi and children’s pool – lined with glass ceramic plates, with a spillway.

  • Water mirror – lined with natural stone – travertine.

  • Finnish sauna in the underground floor of the building. 

  • Gym in the building’s underground floor – with professional equipment.


  • Outdoor pool with a children’s area and jacuzzi:

        - Total area = 258 sq.m.

        - Total pool volume = 280 m3

        - Decking around the pool = 110 sq.m.

        - Pool for adults = 176 sq.m.

        - Jacuzzi in the pool = 18,50 sq.m.

        - Children’s pool = 64 sq.m.

  •  Water mirror – 115 sq.m.
  •  Grass areas – 2620 sq.m.

 Area of alleys and yard space with lining out of natural stone travertine = 840 sq.m.


  • Construction – reinforced concrete, flat-slab. With bearing columns, shims and reinforced concrete plates.

  • Walls – brick wall out of ceramic bricks – Bulgarian and imported – outer wall 25 cm., inner partition wall – 25 cm and 12 cm. Bulgarian bricks – from „Keramika Burgas“)


  • Thermal insulation system by „WEBER

  • Completed according to the project for energy efficiency, which is calculated according to the currently active “Law for energy efficiency”. Thermal insulation thickness – 6cm.  expanded polystyrene.

  • Mineral coating by “WEBER” 

  • Outer coating – natural stone – travertine – import.

  • Window frames – contractor – “Bulplast 2005” Ltd. – PVC frames with a profile “WEISSPROFIL”, 5-chamber, 72 mm, golden oak color; glassing 32 mm B+B float glass; casing – “VORNE”.

  • Elbow boards – outer – natural stone – travertine.

  • Balconies – granite plate flooring.

  • Railings – Aluminum railings out o round profiles, with a wooden handle F 50, inox steel color (column F 40, splint 12/50 and profile F 30). Height minimum 105 cm. from ready floor elevation. In front of the “French” windows – the same aluminum railings without a wooden handle. The profiles are imported from Greece.


  • Concrete glues for faience, plates, terra-cotta and natural stone “WEBER”.

  • Gypsum machine coating by “KNAUF” company

  • Gypsum machine coating by RÖFIX“ for wet compartments (Bathroom, WC, wet compartments)

  • Interior doors – HDF – High Density Fiberboard – pans out of fibers with high density. This is a material, created out of natural wooden particles through a dry, hot pressing and the use of natural resins and glues. The product is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. 8 mm HDF, PVC layer, double frosted glass, embedded as an ornament. Door thickness – 40 mm.

  • Entrance doors of the apartments – HDF – 8 mm, PVC layer, door thickness – 40 mm.

  • Staircases – floor – natural granite stone flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.

  • Outer corridors – between apartments – floor – natural travertine stone flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.     

  • Bedrooms and living rooms – floor – laminate flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.

  • Kitchen box, corridor and vestibule of the apartments – floor – natural travertine stone flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.

  • Bathrooms and toilets – walls and floor – flooring and tiling out of natural travertine stone. Furnished with sanitary ceramics, mixers and showers for bathrooms and shower cubicles.


  • Reinforced concrete construction

  • Roof thermal insulation – 10 cm – polystyrene by “WEBER”

  • Waterproofing on flat roof – 2-layer gas-fired bitumen waterproofing – by manufacturer “General Membrane Spa” – product “Sagitta P 4Kg Mineral” – Italian manufacturer „General Membrane Spa“ 


  • Elevators – manufacturer “„ Lift Group Aspekt 1“ Ltd. hydraulic drive, up to 300 kg., 4 persons, number of stops – 5, H=11,43 m.

  • Electrical panels, switches, sockets and electrical equipment – “Legrand” and  „Schneider Electric“.

  • Low-current electrical system – internet and television for every apartment.

  • Air conditioners – all rooms are equipped with air conditioners.

  • Ventilation openings and chimneys – completed according to the project

  • Ventilation installation of underground garage: “Ataro Klima” Ltd. - air ducts, fittings and elements based on the system SPIROSISTEM – complying to the technical specifications, quality and functionality of standards: DIN, SMAGNA’s, DUCT, EUROVENT. Not containing carcinogenic substances, eco-friendly, technical parameters are guaranteed. Ventilator – “Soler & Palau” – Spain.

  • Automatic fire-alarm system on the underground floor.


Outside the fence of “Diamond Beach” Gated Complex, the company “Artstroy 1 Construction” Ltd has created a panoramic alley and staircase out of a light wooden construction, leading down the slope to the beach. The area around the alley is landscaped with exotic yucca.

After the property has been fully completed, “Artstroy 1 Construction” will finance and build a public parking space in proximity to the complex, which will contribute to the development and enrichment of the overall infrastructure of the “Sarafovo” quarter


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