Majestic Sea Village is located in the southern regulative extension of Pomorie town, in Lahana area. The land property, where the complex is built, has an area of 25 742 sq. м.

Currently, 126 buildings have been constructed. They represent two-story single-family townhouses. The city planning solution represents a composition of two-story residential buildings, situated linearly, in a parallel configuration in the direction North-South. Most of the buildings consist of row houses and “twin” type row houses. Only the houses of type “A” are detached. Every property has its own single-family garden for personal use by the owners and the guests of the relevant house. The houses are of 10 types with a varying total floor area and plot area. They are planned with maximally clear and functional schemes for residence.

Majestic Sea Village is placed between the 24-th and 28-th horizontal, above the sea level and offers a unique view towards the whole bay, naturally formed between Pomorie and Burgas. The plot represents a former agricultural land, for which a Detailed Site Development Plan has been prepared and approved. The complex will be serviced by four parallel inner roads, which will be connected with the main road outside of the complex. The completion stage of the “Majestic Sea Village” project, will be the construction of an open pool with an infinity effect. The entrance to the complex is formed to the North. To see the listed houses for sale, follow the link:

ARCHITECTURAL STYLE: combines the neoclassical and Mediterranean styles. Thanks to the characteristic ornamentation around the windows, the decorative cornices and colonnades with capitals, the romantic atmosphere of historical cities on the sea shore is being recreated.


  • Constructed fretwork fence from a reinforced concrete base, with coating from natural stone – travertine, and metal murals from forged iron.

  • Fences between the yards – hedges;

  • Constructed alleys with flooring by „Semmelrock“;

  • Concrete paving stones, flooring “Appia antica” and flooring “Suprema”

  • Beautiful infinity pool with green islands;


  • Total property area = 25 738 sq.m;

  • Total floor area in MSV = 19 000 sq.m;

  • Indoor pool – 50 sq.m, 70 m3;

  • Area of green spaces on roof (service center) = 172,09 sq.m.



  • Facades: completed from mineral coating and natural stone – travertine.
  • Construction – reinforced concrete, beamless. With bearing columns, shims and plates from reinforced concrete.
  • Walls – Brick wall from ceramic bricks – Bulgarian and import – exterior 25 cm, inner partition walls – 25 cm and 12 cm. (Bulgarian bricks – from “Keramika Burgas” AD).
  • Thermal insulation system by “Baumit”.

The thermal insulation is completed according to the project for Energy efficiency, which is calculated according to the currently active in design “Law for energy efficiency”. Thermal insulation thickness – 7 sm expanded polystyrene.

  • Mineral coating of the "WEBER" and "Baumit" brand.
  • Exterior coating of ground floor – natural stone – travertine – imported.
  • Window frames: In parts of the houses: PVC windows by “REHAU” – PVC profile 5-chamber, 70 mm, color dark oak; glass unit: 24 mm – white 4 mm/white 4 mm; fitting – “SIEGENIA”. In the other part of houses: PVC windows by “VEKA”, 5-chamber system SOFTLINE 70.
  • Window sills – exterior – natural stone – travertine. Outside all windows are banded with a frame from natural stone – travertine.
  • Entrance doors – “HORMANN” brand.
  • Balconies – Granite tile flooring – imported from Italy.
  • Porches and entryways – travertine flooring.
  • Railings – a part of the houses is with decorative concrete balustrades, and the other part is with forged iron elements. In front of the “French” windows – railing from forged iron.


  • Cement glues for faience, plates, terracotta and natural stone by “Baumit”.
  • Gypsum machine coating by “Technogips pro”.– product “Technosprint” – for rooms and dry compartments.
  • Cement machine coating by “Baumit” – product MP 25 – for wet compartments (Bath, WC, wet compartments).
  • Interior doors – HDF – High Density Fiberboard – This is a material, produced from natural wooden particles through dry hot pressing with the use of natural resins and glues. The product is very durable and resistant to time.
  • Rooms and living rooms with kitchens, bathrooms and toilets – “without finishing”.
  • Upon customers request, Artstroy can complete the specific house to the stage "turnkey" against additional negotiated payment.


  • Reinforced concrete construction.  
  • Roof thermal insulation – 10 cm – polystyrene by “Baumit”.
  • Waterproofing on flat roof – 2-layer gas-fired bitumen waterproofing – by manufacturer “General Membrane Spa” – product “Sagitta P 4Kg Mineral” – Italian manufacturer.


  • Electrical panels, switches and sockets and electrical equipment – “Legrand” - and “Schneider Electric”.
  • Low-current installation – A low-current network with specialized software has been created with the possibility to control the type “Smart house” – giving the ability for remote control via internet, also online video surveillance.
  • Plumbing installation – polypropylene pipes and parts, with a water meter and a water meter unit.
  • Sewerage installation – PVC pipes.
  • Ventilation openings and chimneys – completed according to the project.
  • Air conditioners – every client places them according to a project approved by Artstroy.


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