La Mer represents a residential building, located in Pomorie – the old town, on “Kraybrezna” 21 street, on the first line to the sea shore. The building consists of 6 above-ground floors and a basement“Artstroy 1 Construction” completes the building in year 2002. Initially, “La Mer” was designed and constructed as a “Family hotel (boarding house) with a lobby bar and a tavern” under the name – hotel Anhialo.In 2014 an internal redistribution has been made, as well as a change of the characteristics of the building. The rooms have been functionally unified and regrouped, to create apartments and studios for living. A restaurant area has been constructed on the ground floor, with its service compartments located in the basement. The storage rooms of the residences are in the basement.

Floor distribution: first, second and third floors – standard, with two one-bedroom apartments and two studios on each floor. Fourth floor – two one-bedroom apartments and one studio. Fifth floor – one apartment and two studios .

In total, 10 apartments and 9 studios have been created in the building. The level of completion of the residences is at “turnkey”, with fully equipped bathroom, laminated parquet in the rooms, and air conditioners. All apartments and studios have planned outlets for small kitchen blocks with sinks.

Location characteristics of “La Mer” residential building: in the old center of Pomorie town, on “Kraybrezna” street, directly opposite the eastern beach of the city. The building is located at a 5-minute walk from the town center and the main streets.

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Property area = 479 sq.m.

Built-up area – Basement = 144,10 sq.m

Built-up area – Ground floor = 184 sq.m

Built-up area – Floor 1 = 154,68 sq.m

Built-up area – Floor 2 = 154,68 sq.m

Built-up area – Floor 3 = 154,68 sq.m

Built-up area – Floor 4 = 150,68 sq.m

Built-up area – Floor 5 = 123,66 sq.m

Total building floor area with basement = 1066,48 sq.m



  • Reinforced concrete – with bearing columns, shims, beams and plates from reinforced concrete.
  • Walls – brick wall from ceramic bricks – Bulgarian and imported – exterior 25 cm, interior partition walls – 25 cm and 12 cm.


  • Thermal insulation „FIBRAN“
  • Thermal insulation thickness – 5 cm extruded polystyrene.

Completed according to the project for energy efficiency, which is calculated according to the “Law for energy efficiency”, active during design.

  • Mineral plaster of the „WEBER“ , brand, two colors.
  • Outer coating – ground floor – natural stone, partly on the façade – natural stone – travertine – imported.
  • Window frames – on the floors - „КМG“ -  - 6-chambers. Apartment 1 on the ground floor – “REHAU”.
  • Balconies – granite tile flooring.
  • Railings – aluminum railings out of round profiles, with a wooden handle F 50, inox color (column F 40, splint 12/50 and profile F 30). Height minimum 105 cm. from ready floor elevation. The profiles are imported from Greece.


  •  Cement adhesives for faience, plates, terra-cotta and natural stone “WEBER”.
  • Gypsum machine coating by „KNAUF“ – - product “BULGIPS Start” – for rooms and dry compartments.
  • Cement machine coating by „RÖFIX“ – - for wet compartments (Bathroom, WC, wet rooms).
  • Interior doors and entrance doors of apartments- „HORMAN“ .
  • Staircases – floor – granite tile flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.
  • Outer corridors – between apartments - floor – granite tile flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms – floor – laminate flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.
  • Corridor and vestibule of apartments – floor – granite tile flooring, walls and ceiling – latex.
  • Bathrooms and toilets – walls and floor – terra-cotta. Furnished with sanitary ceramics, mixers and showers for bathrooms and shower cubicles.


  • Flat roofs;
  • Reinforced concrete construction.
  • Roof thermal insulation – 10 cm. – “polystyrene” by “WEBER”
  • Waterproofing on flat roof – 2-layer gas-fired bitumen waterproofing – by manufacturer “General Membrane Spa” – product „Sagitta P 4Kg Mineral“ –  Italian manufacturer


  • Yard space – covered with natural stone flooring.
  • Grass areas – richly landscaped in the free yard space.
  • Fence – constructed fretwork fence from a reinforced concrete base, and metal fretwork murals from forged iron. The reinforced concrete base is completed with a plaster from natural stone. There is also a new fence, partitioning the yard to Ap. 1 from aluminum profiles like the railings.


  • Elevator – for passengers, 4 persons.
  • Electrical panels, switches and sockets and electrical equipment -   „Legrand“  and „Schneider Electric“
  • Low-current installation – internet and television for every apartment.
  • Air conditioners – all rooms are equipped with air conditioners.
  • Boilers – in all bathrooms.
  • Ventilation openings and chimneys – completed according to the project.


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